Debt Collection Defense

secured and unsecured debts

Bay Area Lawsuit Defense Attorney

If you are dealing with a large amount of unpaid debt, there may come a point at which a creditor can legally sue you for the balance due. Typically, other measures such as wage garnishment, auto repossession, foreclosure and bank levies are taken only if litigation has ensued and there is a judgment in place. No debtor, however, is safe from the possibility of legal action being taken against them. Your creditor is more likely to pursue litigation if you have income or assets that can be taken. If a lawsuit is filed, you will need to fight the claims against you. After getting served with a debt collection lawsuit, your first defense should be to secure the legal assistance of an experienced debt relief lawyer.

What to Do if Involved in a Legal Battle

As you face this legal battle, it is first important to know the laws that pertain to your case and the methods creditors can use to collect on a judgment against you. You will also want to take action as soon as possible – do not ignore the summons or you could incur a judgment leading to bank levies and wage garnishment. At Alia Khan Law Offices, we prepare an effective defense against the claims of the creditors and we are skilled at negotiating and arranging debt settlement agreements.

Defenses to Creditor Lawsuits

Remember that your situation is not hopeless. With solid defense and an aggressive lawyer, you may be able to prevent the other side from winning and taking away your assets. An affirmative defense is one type of defense that can be used in against the creditor. If you deny any facts, you will then need to prove to the court any new arguments. You can also make a counterclaim that is based on different issues, such as a violation of your rights, from those brought up in the creditor’s complaint. During your free case evaluation, our Bay Area lawsuit defense attorneys can act on your behalf.