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About Khan Law

Passion and Experience Drive Bankruptcy Attorney, Alia Khan.

At Khan Law, we are driven by a belief that our clients deserve personal attention and service.

Backed by a team of experts, we provide tailored personalized and dedicated legal services to individuals and businesses in the Tri Valley and East Bay regions of California who are facing overwhelming debt.

We believe in a compassionate, sensible, and realistic approach to debt relief. Each client is personally greeted by attorney, Alia Khan, who approaches every individual or business with respect and dignity from the start of the process to the finish.

As an advocate for your needs, Alia Khan and Khan Law understand how consuming financial stressors are and will guide you to a solution that will relieve your worries and financial burden so you can regain the life you were meant to lead.

"I am passionate about relieving people of their financial stress. Debt, in general, stresses people out emotionally, physically and mentally. All aspects of life are negatively affected when people have mounting bills. I relieve people of this burden, lifting weight off of their shoulders."
— Founding attorney Alia Khan

Our Approach to Pleasanton Bankruptcy Law

Khan Law is a debt relief agency serving the Pleasanton, California area, that understands the very prospect of filing for bankruptcy can seem daunting. We sympathize with you and want to relieve your stress, not add to it. We offer professional and personal service in a nonjudgmental environment and aim to help our clients understand their financial problems and exercise their rights under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. An experienced litigation specialist, Alia Khan has a background in communication studies and public speaking and uses these skills to communicate effectively with her clients, negotiate with creditors and secure results in the courtroom.

What to Expect When You Hire Khan Law

Each one of our clients can anticipate the following measures when you work with Khan Law:

  • Legal expert who has a 100% discharge rate
  • Knowledge of the bankruptcy process and up-to-date rulings
  • Respected relationship with trustees, judges, and fellow lawyers
  • Personalized, friendly, sympathetic, and common sense approach to debt relief
  • Constant communication regarding updates and filings
  • Accessible by phone, text, email with quick response rate
  • Advanced notice for impending notices
  • Debriefings
  • Payment plans

Our Process is Simple and Effective

Deciding to work with someone who will help you with debt relief requires trust. We understand you may have concerns, so we work side-by-side with you. Here is a brief overview of what you can expect from Khan Law:

  • Returned correspondence within 12-24 hours
  • Preliminary screening taking into account-household income, assets, location of residence
  • Determination of the best solution for your needs
  • Payment details
  • Personal meeting to go through all documents
  • Assemble petition
  • Sign off and file petition

Don't Stress Any Longer

Help is just a call away. Let us help you through this.

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