Haggin Museum

1201 N Pershing Ave, Stockton, CA 95203

The San Joaquin Pioneer and Historical Society had wanted to create a history galler but was unable to generate the funds to do so. Robert Mckee offered the society $30,000, as a tribute to his partner Eila Haggin Mckee’s family, on the condition that the historical center would be named after her father Louis Terah Haggin. The Haggins Museum would open its doors on June 14, 1931, on Flag Day.

During renovations and the expansion of the museum, it showed to be the demise of Eila Mckee in 1936. In respects to Eila, Mckee gave the assets to build a vestibule, a fundamental exhibition on the second floor and an extra room on the ground floor. It opened again in December 1939, later titled “Mckaa Room” had depicitions, furniture, and gorgeous craftmanship from the couple’s New York Living space.

After World War II, the gallery found themselves needing extra work space, stockpiling and displays. Howard G. Bissel, a modeler, created designs for a 15,5000 square foot expansion for the museum and would sit on the western side of the standing structure in 1948. Miss Jennie Hunter and Robet T. McKee financed this expansion along side the blessing of Irving Matrin Sr., the owner of the Stockton Record. It opened again in 1949 with eight new display areas.

The exhibition hall had its most recent renovation/expansion in the June of 1976. This was a generous blessing from William Knox Holt. William was the child of Benjamin Holt who was Stockton’s noteable innovator industrialist. Other than Holt’s display space, that shows tribute to Holt’s involvement, this expansion included controlled storerooms, the museums library/chronicles and workplaces.

This amazing location is located near Downtown Stockton and also only a short distance away from:

  • The San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum
  • Reynolds Gallery
  • Horton Gallery
  • The University of the Pacific 
  • Reynolds Gallery
  • San Joaquin Delta College Horton Gallery
  • Children’s Museum of Stockton
  • Elsie May Goodwin Gallery
  • National Pinoy Museum
  • Art Expressions of San Joaquin
  • The County Administration Building
  • Stockton Metropolitan Airport.
  • Stockton Field Aviation Museum