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My Free Gift to You: “Pathway to Financial Freedom”

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I am proud to be both a legal counselor and dedicated advocate for my clients. You can be assured that I will help you through your difficult financial time, offering compassion, sympathy, guidance, unwavering support and supreme confidentiality. My number one goal is to educate you on your options.

Khan Law is a debt relief agency that understands the very prospect of filing for bankruptcy can seem daunting. We sympathize with you and want to relieve your stress, not add to it. We offer professional service in a nonjudgmental environment and aim to help our clients understand their financial problems and exercise their rights under the U.S Bankruptcy Code.

If you struggle with overwhelming debt due to the volatile housing market, job loss, divorce, unexpected health issues, injury or financial circumstances beyond your control, you are not alone. Thousands of people in the Tri Valley and San Joaquin struggle with insurmountable credit card balances, student loans, or medical bills through no fault of their own. Through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing, you may be able to discharge or reorganize your debts, halt foreclosure and stop creditor harassment.

I can also guide you on how to repair your credit after bankruptcy. We will educate you on how to build your credit and get your score in the 700’s very quickly after your bankruptcy discharge.

And finally, if you are dealing with a large amount of unpaid debt, you may eventually be sued by a creditor for the balance. If a lawsuit is filed against you, you will need to fight the claims against you. After getting served with a debt collection lawsuit, your first defense should be to secure the legal assistance of an experienced debt relief lawyer.

Khan Law is here for you! Right now, I am offering my free download, “Pathway to Financial Freedom.” I want to educate you on how to best help yourself and offer this information as a way to start. Click here to get your “Pathway to Financial Freedom” today. Check out the Khan Law website also for more valuable information on bankruptcy and credit repair.