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My Path to Bankruptcy Law

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With a myriad of fields in which to practice law, some may wonder how I decided upon the field of bankruptcy law. When I started my law career, I knew I wanted to help people. Plain and simple; I wanted to make their lives better with the work I was going to do. After experiencing and researching different fields of law, I found that bankruptcy law allows me to help people. I love being both a legal counselor and advocate for my clients.


I began my legal career representing people in family law and juvenile cases. The law was ambiguous at times and the cases were often emotional.  Many times, my clients were extremely disappointed with the outcome of their case. I started researching other types of law where I could also help people. I wanted a field where the results were more clear cut and satisfactory to my clients. I learned there was a real need to help people who were struggling with their finances and my help could offer a realistic solution for a better future.


People are so stressed out by finances. I have noticed that in the last 10 years, the income and wages for most people has not increased. However, gas prices, rent, childcare and food have all skyrocketed. People have no choice but to use credit cards to pay for these items.  I have learned that many people have under $5 in their savings account. This lack of funds coupled with having to pay down credit card bills monthly have created a nerve ending cycle. And it is a cycle that is hard to escape.


With my bankruptcy law practice, I can help people by assisting them file for bankruptcy and wipe out their debt. I help them get started with a clean slate and educate them on ways to maintain their credit and not fall into the same pitfalls of their past. If a client is struggling with debt, I will work one-on-one to find the best available solution to their financial problems. The answer might be filing for bankruptcy or it might be negotiating with creditors or undergoing credit counseling. I offer compassion, sympathy, guidance, support and confidentiality in my practice.


With a 100% discharge rate, I feel a high level of satisfaction when my clients are able to wipe out their debt and start anew. The relief on their faces after their court hearing is a wonderful feeling. After their bankruptcy, they can start fresh and budget better.


It is and always will be my goal to help people through Khan Law Offices.  If you have questions or concerns about your financial situation and need guidance, I invite you to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. I have helped many people set off on a road to better credit and financial security.