what to expect when hiring khan law, bankruptcy lawyer


1.) Initial Consultation: This meeting usually takes place via phone or video conference. It lasts about an hour and Attorney Khan will go through the entire intake process with you. You should be 100% transparent about your income, marital status, and assets you own, and have a list of all bank accounts. My questions will be probative, but it’s important you give my office all the information we ask for. My office will also give you a preliminary assessment of whether you qualify for Bankruptcy. 

2.) Gathering of Documents: Once we determine you qualify for Bankruptcy, you will need to gather up your financial documents. The list is exhaustive:

-Tax Returns 
-6 months of Paystubs 
-6 months of Bank Statements for all bank and brokerage accounts
-Retirement account statements
-Identifying Documents, such as Drivers License and Social Security Cards 
-Titles of Vehicles 
-Life Insurance Declarations
-Profit Loss Statements, if you own a business.
-Divorce Judgements, if applicable 
-Martial Settlement Agreement, if applicable 
-Mortgage Statement
-Lawsuits, if applicable 
-Wage Garnishment Order, if applicable

3.) Credit Counseling Course: The Bankruptcy Court requires you to take an online course on financial management. It’s an easy course, but it must be done. Once you complete the course, they will issue you a certificate of Completion. This Certificate is attached to your bankruptcy petition at the time of filing 

4.) Current Email and Phone: My office communicates heavily via phone and email. You need to have a valid way for us to contact you. Its important not to delay or ignore our requests. It will delay your bankruptcy and the ultimate discharge of your debts. 

5.) Trustees Meeting: These meetings take place on the Phone or Zoom. We will be on the line with you at the same time. The Trustee wants to hear answers from you, but we will be there to clarify anything if you are confused. 

6.) Credit Repair: After your debts have been officially discharged and your case is closed, our office will provide you with guidance on how to begin rebuilding your credit score. Many clients have said they get the credit extended to them a few months after discharge.

What to Expect When Hiring Khan Law, Bankruptcy Lawyer

helping good people with bad debt

helping good people with bad debt

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